The Shackles of The Unnamed Seventh

Beast of a man

What a battering

22nd to 23rd Coldeven

So there we where, minding our own business travelling on our way to the “haunted Forest” when out of no where, three Giant horses charged right at us. They where huge, the size of elephants. Huge fangs, blood red eyes, and manes as black as death herself…….. Is what i’ll be telling people who ever asked what happened on the road to the haunted forest. In actual fact they where just regular horses that escaped their owners and didn’t understand the meaning of personal space. I took a beating but i think everyone else was okay, Azagal is a lot more limber than i first realised, successfully managing to jump onto the back of one of the horses but the other 2 came barreling into me. Fortunately i have a skilled medic at our side should situations ever arise.

Upon further investigation down the road we happened upon another situation unfolding before us. Turned out that those horses had belonged to a group of merchants that had been attacked by a group on bandits. No allegiances to any of the big players in town, just a small rabble ransacking that wagon and taking things…..standard stuff. They didn’t seem to threatening, they had tied up the merchants but they where all still breathing. We thought we could take them down quickly and quietly with no harm befalling the merchants and all wold be well. Oooohhhhhhhh how wrong we where.

What we had failed to realized was their boss was in the back of the wagon and holy mother of Primus was he a big lad. Wielding a flail the size of a halfling he quickly became a significant threat.

We were able to take out the flunkies with ease, even able to handcuff one for questioning later. With just the big guy left to deal with we quickly set about putting everything we had into taking this bastard down. Even with me taking a fareley large chunk out of the guys face and a battering from Azagal and Ryu he still didn’t give up. Every hit seemed to increase his rage util he eventually turned on the captives. in one fell swing he pulverised them into a human meat paste with little effort.

Struggling to keep my stomach in check we continued are barrage of attacks until finally Delilah and Gwen where able to pull of a brilliant combo (after i had covered the guy in lamp oil) which soon saw him die in a fiery explosion which scattered his body all over the path.

Content on our achievements with gathered up the dwarves and continued towards a near by town which was on the outskirts of the forest. hopefully the rest of the trip wont be quite as eventful.


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