The Shackles of The Unnamed Seventh

Thanks for all the fish

New job - New challenge

19th to 22nd Coldeven

Whilst we where away finding ways on how to piss off a Chimera a couple of gentlemen came by Mcree’ & Rosenhart looking for people to scout for a location for their fishing holiday getaway business.

Naturally Dalavan didn’t really take down any form of notes or specifics, just took a business card which thankfully had an address on it. After returning a lost chest for Bear Threads – which we were incidentally rewarded with a fine looking suit for our resident punch dwarf – i I went to the fishermens house to discuss business and see exactly what they wanted to archive. It was basically a reconnaissance mission. Find the lake, make sure the road was safe for travelers and that no nasty monsters lurked in the lake itself. This was coinscidentally on the same way for another job that Ryu had picked up for us whilst looking for things in the local market.

Some carpenter needed a specific type of wood from a forest not far from the lake so naturally we would try to kill 2 birds with one stone. However one small hitch…… the forest may be a little haunted.

Now I’m not one for disbelieving another persons religion or belief but i do have a hard time imagining things which cant be killed with a 9mm bullet. Chances are there is some wizardry or illusionary magic at work but really wont be able to confirm until we get there and see it with our own eyes.

The carpenter told us that the dwarves she had hired to cut down the wood initially where held up in some tavern near by in town called the Foremans Whistle. Have been there a couple of times in my guard days to try and get some intel or to chase a lead but never really liked the place. Always had a ripe, earthy smell about it. So i guess perfect place for dwarves to drown their sorrows.

Once we arrived at the inn we easily found the 3 dwarves we where looking for, all at the bar, muttering to themselves about something i couldn’t quite catch. Luckily I am fluent in Dwarfish and with Azagal by my side where able to convince the trio to finish what they had started with us as there protectors against the “Scary ghosts” which where in the forest. Lets just hope its all in their minds.


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